Sponsorships & Donations

The Bearbotics team appreciates and values the funding we receive from sponsorships and donations! Our program depends on those funds to operate, improve and grow. As shown by our "Mission & Vision", Bearbotics is committed to demonstrating appreciation for your support through our growth and accomplishments.

Bearbotics takes pride in using the funding you provide efficiently and effectively. Even as we've grown in capability and size (more than tripling the number of participating students over the last 5 years), we continue to innovate ways to reduce the costs of our projects and activities. All adult staff supporting Bearbotics, including coaches, mentors and support staff, serve as unpaid volunteers -- therefore, all of the funding we receive is applied 100% to the Bearbotics program.


Donations to Bearbotics have made a real difference over the team's 10 year history: much of the shop equipment and tools we use every day have been received or funded this way. We are proud and appreciative to receive your donations, and plan "open house" sessions each year to show how we use your support to advance the team's programs and accomplishments. (Please refer to the "MONUMENTAL IMPACT" section below about why we direct donations to Bearbotics through Monumental Impact and how this supports tax deductibility.)

To donate to Bearbotics, please use one or more of these methods:

  • Check: write a check for the donation amount to "Monumental Impact", also writing "for Bearbotics" in the note field on the check. Mail the check to: Monumental Impact, 55 Adams St., Monument, CO 80132. Please provide your contact information on a separate sheet or email so we can acknowledge your donation and include you in team updates.

  • Online: click here to use the Monumental Impact non-profit donation portal (it's very easy to use) to make your donation, add an explanatory note to the transaction if possible, and then notify us via email that the donation amount is for Bearbotics.

  • If you wish to donate new or used equipment, goods or services, we are interested! Please contact us directly via email so we can discuss further.


There's no doubt about it -- without the many corporate and business sponsors that have supported Bearbotics through the years, Bearbotics would not exist today! Sponsorships provide the core funding that makes Bearbotics possible, and one of our top goals is to use that funding effectively. We view sponsorships as a relationship, and are proud to show you what we accomplish with your support through ongoing updates and in-person exhibits (at your request). If you need more information about sponsoring Bearbotics, please review our latest report on the achievements and impacts of Bearbotics, or contact us directly to set up an info session.

We are starting our 2022 Season sponsorship drive now (covering August 2021 to July 2022). Please contact us with any questions.

We are proud to acknowledge your sponsorship and support! Here's a summary of our current practices (refer to the Sponsorship Information Sheet for more info):

  • Gold level (total value of at least $2,500 per year):

    • Top billing and placement in our team registration, robot panels, team season t-shirts, web site and sponsorship acknowledgements. Eligible for team and robot exhibits each year (request via email). Sponsor logo shown in largest size in all displays. Receive sponsorship acknowledgement plaque each year.

  • Navy level (total value of at least $1,000 per year):

    • Included in our team registration, robot panels, team season t-shirts, web site and sponsorship acknowledgements. Team and robot exhibits may be requested. Sponsor logo shown in moderate size in all displays. Receive sponsorship acknowledgement plaque each year.

  • Silver level (total value up to $1,000 per year):

    • Included in our team web site and sponsorship acknowledgements. Receive invitations to team and robot open houses and exhibits. Sponsor logo shown in smaller size on team displays. Receive sponsorship acknowledgement letter each year.

Corporate donation matching

Many large corporations offer "donation matching" programs for their employees and retirees. Bearbotics (through Monumental Impact) has fully registered to be a qualified recipient for these programs. In this way, you can make a tax-exempt cash donation and request a matching donation from your (current or former) employer, further increasing the impact of your support to Bearbotics.

To use this method, first make your donation per the guidance in the "DONATIONS" section (above), in a manner that is accepted by your corporate donation matching program. Then search online in the donation recipient registry used by your employer (for example, "EasyMatch" is one of the largest such programs) for "Monumental Impact" in Monument, CO, and delegate it to receive the matching donation. Be sure to indicate "Bearbotics" in the info field about the donation match, or notify us by email that the matching funds are intended for Bearbotics. Thanks in advance for your support, and we will provide any required acknowledgement documentation.

monumental impact

In 2020, mentors and coaches from Bearbotics established Monumental Impact as a non-profit community organization to organize, operate and fund after-school STEM programs in the Tri Lakes area. All funds received by Monumental Impact are applied to programs (all staff are unpaid volunteers), and currently Bearbotics is the largest of the supported programs. Monumental Impact is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and is fully registered with the IRS so that donations qualify for tax deduction. Monumental Impact is also registered with all the large corporate donor programs for employee and retiree donation matching. When donating through Monumental Impact, simply write "Bearbotics" in the note or info box (or send us an email describing the donation) and the funds will be directed to Bearbotics.

2020 - 2021

(Indicated sponsorship levels are based on aggregate funding for the 2020 and 2021 Bearbotics seasons.)

Gold Sponsors

navy sponsors

silver sponsors