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Bearbotics is an after-school program available to all high-school students in the Lewis-Palmer School District in the Tri-Lakes area of Colorado. The focus is STEM enrichment and achievement, but each year's program is run like a business with related opportunities to grow skills in leadership, teamwork, project management, machining and fabrication, fundraising, communication (including social media) and community outreach. This program is excellent real-world experience to help prepare for the next stage in each student's path -- especially if that's college.

Bearbotics builds competitive robots: large, powerful, complex machines to play challenging games that change each year. These robots are college-level engineering projects, designed and built using the latest components, tools, techniques and materials. Bearbotics participates in the FIRST® Robotics Competition (aka "FRC"), an international competition described as a "varsity sport for the mind" and "the hardest fun you will ever have". Students are often surprised by the challenges and opportunities in this engineering-inspired program, but with commitment and perseverance all can grow their skills significantly.

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If you want to supercharge your business management or engineering and design skills (especially mechanical and electrical engineering, and computer science), please connect with us and learn more.