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Bearbotics is an after-school program available to all high-school students in the Lewis-Palmer School District in the Tri-Lakes area of Colorado. The focus is STEM enrichment and achievement, but each year's program is run like a business with related opportunities to grow skills in leadership, teamwork, project management, machining and fabrication, fundraising, communication (including social media) and community outreach. This program is excellent real-world experience to help prepare for the next stage in each student's path -- especially if that's college.

Bearbotics builds competitive robots: large, powerful, complex machines to play challenging games that change each year. These robots are college-level engineering projects, designed and built using the latest components, tools, techniques and materials. Bearbotics participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition (aka "FRC"), an international competition described as a "varsity sport for the mind" and "the hardest fun you will ever have". Students are often surprised by the challenges and opportunities in this engineering-inspired program, but with commitment and perseverance all can grow their skills significantly.

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If you want to supercharge your business management or engineering and design skills (especially mechanical and electrical engineering, and computer science), please connect with us and learn more. We have an intro/Q&A session planned to help you get a closer look:

  • Connect in to our Bearbotics kick-off for LPHS on Thursday September 24nd from 7:00 to 8:00 PM.

    • This event will be hosted on Google Meet. This event access link is . Please leave your microphone muted, but you can ask questions via chat.

    • We're hosting this event virtually-only this year to allow students (and parents) from all schools and cohorts to attend at one time. We appreciate your support for this mode of connection.

    • Please fill out the Bearbotics Survey before attending this event, if possible.

  • (The first Bearbotics Kick-off virtual session on 9/8 was very successful, with 46 attending)