Bearbotics is a high-challenge high-achievement applied STEM & STEAM program that serves  students in LPSD (D38). While the core focus of Bearbotics is engineering and technology, students can also get important experience in critical skills like leadership, communication, project and business management, teamwork and applied creativity, in a supportive environment with extensive access to local professionals for mentorship.

All of our teams have completed their 2023-2024 competition seasons (see the Achievements overview below), but preparations are already underway for next season. There also will be Summer Camps -- click this link to check them out!

Bearbotics Programs Overview:

Bearbotics has further expanded its programs! Here's what's available to D38 students. If you're interested in any of these programs, please connect with us by getting on our contact list so we can keep you informed of key events.

Achievements (2023-24 Robotics Season)

Bearbotics FRC

Bearbotics FTC

Bearbotics FLL Challenge

2024 Summary:

Want to improve efficiency on your robot? Are you spending a lot on sensors or components?

Then check out our extensive designs, references and resources on our Bearbotics Engineering Pages!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to contact us